Delight employees

Integrations with ServiceNow Service Portal, Connect, Knowledge Management, and Service Catalog allow support organizations to replace forms and emails with collaborative service experiences that incorporate live chat, intelligent knowledge retrieval, and real-time request fulfillment and other advanced self-service options.

Turn every support agent into an expert

Integrations with ServiceNow workflow, Skills Management, Event Management, and CMDB place valuable insights at the fingertips of support agents enabling them to resolve issues faster and deliver better answers to employees the first time.

Learn continuously from every
automated interaction

Integrations with ServiceNow Incident Management, HRSM, CSM, and Security Operations allow support organizations across the company to automate repetitive tasks related to employee onboarding and offboarding, responding to internal and external customer inquiries, rebooting servers, setting application configurations and provisioning new devices and software.

Delivering Insights That Matter.

Surface and correlate operational data within ServiceNow and Astound AI in real-time to:

  • Measure the health of IT services by topic, geography, team and role
  • Proactively assess future resource requirements, vendor relationships and budget requirements
  • Gain insights into the adoption of employee self-service, support costs and customer sat scores

Through the use of ServiceNow’s workflow automation capabilities and Astound’s AI platform, service departments are empowering employees with personalized and optimized self-service experiences.

Connect Astound & ServiceNow

Conversational assistance allows employees to quickly find what they need.

For service requests that require human involvement, Astound uses machine learning to automatically open incidents on behalf of employees.
Astound predicts and assigns the values for any field, in any form, within ServiceNow based on information provided during and after a request is submitted.
Astound AI is adaptive. It auto-populates and dynamically updates the correct Category, Service and Subservice and initiates automated workflows in real-time, resulting in:

  • Reduced call volume
  • Fewer escalations
  • Thousands of hours saved for IT agents
  • Reduced downtime for employees

Connect Astound & ServiceNow

Turn novice support agents into experts with intelligent recommendations.

When incidents are escalated to live agents, they include relevant details such as knowledge articles, incident histories, configuration items, security events, infrastructure changes, social media posts, chat sessions, and policy docs.

  • Improve compliance with SLAs
  • Increase first call resolution rates
  • Lower MTTR
  • Reduce cost per ticket
  • Improve employee productivity

Connect Astound & ServiceNow

Imagine if the smartest support agent on the planet was always available.

With Astound’s virtual agent for ServiceNow, employees can interact conversationally within the Service Portal and ServiceNow Connect to ask questions, submit incidents and order goods and services in real-time, 24/7.
Using natural language, employees can perform common self-service tasks (i.e., resetting passwords and ordering devices and applications) and ask any questions they’d normally ask the service desk.

Connect Astound & ServiceNow

Artificial intelligence that drives real results

Voice is the new app. AI is the new UI. Our relationship with technology will change more in the next two years than it has in the last two hundred. It’s time we expect smarter systems. It’s time we reimagine how employees work.

Astound’s AI platform for enterprise service uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate answers to common questions, accurately assign and categorize requests, and provide relevant recommendations in real time. AI-driven automation makes employees more productive, technology more strategic, and organizations more profitable.